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♑️Capricorn, They love you even more now | April 2021

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Hey guys welcome to my channel! This reading is for Capricorn Sun, Moon & Rising signs! This is for entertainment purposes, please always use your own intuition for your decisions. Don't forget to like comment and subscribe!

Welcome to Goldie Tarot!

I am a psychic tarot reader, my sun sign is Libra, moon sign Leo and my rising is Scorpio. On this channel I will be diving deep into channeled messages with divine guidance through tarot readings and giving free advice and life coaching using spirituality. I want this platform to be a community where we can connect on all levels and bringing a piece of my personality and life experiences to you. You will also gain a better understanding on spirituality, astrology and the occult. At the age of 7 is when I first started experiencing my psychic abilities with my prophetic dreams. I knew I was different from a young age when I started to realize that I would hear and see things other could not, and often my intuition would be so strong when it came to predicting unforeseen events. Here I would like to share my gifts of healing with you all.

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