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????CHANNELED MESSAGES FROM YOUR PERSON????|????Pick a Card????Love Tarot Reading (Timeless)

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Today's pick a card reading is: What Would Your Person want to tell you right now?????Channeled Messages from your person????
Pick the Pile you are most drawn to, using your intuition.
After you choose, you can skip ahead to your timestamp below

Pile Number 1- 00:55
Pile Number 2- 21:54
Pile Number 3- 40:52

Thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you all for your amazing support. I hope that you will like this reading and also resonate. Please take only the messages that resonate with you and your connection, and leave the rest behind. This is a reading for the collective, intended to offer you insight & guidance at the time you are viewing it.
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Tarot Decks I Use:

* “The Light Seer's Tarot“ by Chris-Anne
* “Everyday Witch" by Deborah Black

Oracle Decks I Use:

* “Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards” by Kyle Gray
* “7 energies oracle” by Colette Baron-Reid
* “Energy Oracle Cards” by Sandra Anne Taylor
* "Thelema Lenormand Oracle" by Renata Lechner
* “The Spirit Messages” by John Holland
* “The Romance Angels” by Doreen Virtue
* “Moonology Oracle Cards” by Yasmin Boland
* "Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards" by Colette Baron-Reid
* Hermit Tarot
* Tifereth Tarot
* Beyond Indigo Divine Union
* Jordan's Tarot Love Notes
* "Divine Love Messages" by White Rose Guidance

Please DO NOT make any life decisions based off a tarot reading.
All tarot readings are for Entertainment Purposes only. Readings may not be 100% accurate.
The Viewer is responsible for their own life and decisions.

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