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1996 Chevrolet Corvette Callaway GS Supernatural FOR SALE / 136795

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One Owner Callaway Corvette GS Supernatural LT4 V8 6-speed Custom Leather A/C ///


Glowing a mere 10,418 miles from its bright digital odometer, this stunning Callaway GS SuperNatural is a fully documented, one-owner garage queen that’s assembly line perfect in virtually every way. Crisp Artic White two-stage is a glossy and vivid testament to serious motorsports pedigree, especially when garnished with a black Grand Sport stripe and red Grand Sport hash marks. And the end result is one seriously capable sports car that’ll show with the finest classics and absolutely blister the road! More easygoing that Callaway’s brutal RPO Twin Turbo offering, the SuperNatural Package simply bores, strokes and rebuilds GM’s innately good LT4 small block to a solid 450 horsepower and 450 lb./ft. of shoulder-slamming torque. Behind that red-trimmed 383, a tough ZF 6-speed spins a limited-slip differential around stout, 3.45 gears. The car’s multi-link suspension sits low and mean thanks to a full Callaway coil-over upgrade. Turns are easy thanks to factory power rack-and-pinion steering. Stops are provided by requisite 4-wheel power disc brakes. Great sounds are made by Callaway SuperNatural exhaust. And powder-coated CCW wheels spin Hankook Ventus V12s. Between the doors, a custom cockpit kicks off with six-way power buckets that are stitched in a stylish combination of Connolly Leather and Alcantara Ultrasuede. A conservative dash plants alluring Callaway brandings in acres of custom ultrasuede. Thick Dynamat insulation backs clean carpet between a stiff roll bar, customized side panels and customized pillars that feature Callaway-installed accessory gauges. And at the center of the car, factory climate control shades a factory shifter that’s capped with a Callaway-installed knob. Featuring impressive power, classic good looks and a full roster of desirable options, this exclusive Callaway is both collectable and appealing.

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