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A Ride through the MCU Action Vol.5 | The Infinity Saga

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SPOILER: The rollercoaster starts at 1:15! Use HEADPHONES for a Surround 5.1. Experience!

Four months after Vol. 4, I found myself with a lot of difficulty about creating a new Marvel edit, since this is the fifth volume. The bright side of quarantine is that it gave me time to wrap this montage that I’ve being doing since January. And it all started with a different music and tone.

One of the main problems was that I was lacking a story to tell, so this time around I invested a lot of time into the dialogue and quotes of the Infinity Saga. I like the idea of starting and finishing with the same shot. It shows how much time has passed.

I also tried to improve the masking game in Final Cut Pro X. This program has a lot to give when it comes to masking and key framing. There’s only one automatic transition in the entire video.
The cool thing about masking is that you can create transitions where the shots don’t match.
I know that the simple cut is the key of editing, but this is the only place where I can make transitions like this. It’s like a guilty pleasure of mine. Not all of my videos are “transition” based.

The music was a great catch from the beginning. It’s a recent release from Position Music and it’s one of the greatest pieces that I’ve ever heard from them. It has a great momentum. The idea at first was to make a simple montage about the Infinity Saga with this music. I had other music in mind to Vol. 5.

This needs to be said, I saw a lot of Marvel fan-made videos with the same transitions and thumbnails that I did. I love the fact that these montages inspire people, it’s unbelievable, but “inspiring” doesn’t mean that you should copy it exactly like I do. There are even montages with the same music. I know that I don’t possess the rights of the editing style, but there’s a lot of scenes and action pieces in the MCU to mess around.
Be creative.

I want to Thank YOU all for this Journey that you guys encouraged me for. I hope that you enjoy this 2 minutes of Marvel magic. We may wait a while until Vol. 6, because it will probably be “The Final Ride through the MCU Action”. At least, about the Infinity Saga plot and movies. We shall wait patiently for Phase 4.

Audio Supervisor: Inês Nogueira

3D Titles (Cinema 4D): Diogo de Tita

Music: Lust & Giants by Kings & Creatures - Position Music

Edited with Final Cut Pro X

Contact: leunnam@gmail.com

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Made by Gugga Leunnam

*Please DO NOT rip and re-upload claiming as your own*

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*This video is a parody and as a derivative work, parodies are covered as a Fair Use of material.*

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