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A Sure Shot Approach To Love: Unfolding Gen Bhakuni's Love Story with @Capt. Dharmveer

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Watch the complete interaction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfJe6l43JQA&t=482s

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Major General VPS Bhakuni, VSM, was commissioned into the Dogra Regiment in 1981. He has rendered distinguished service of 37 years in the Armed Forces. The General Officer has participated in various operations including Counter Insurgency operations viz., Operation Pawan (Sri Lanka-IPKF), Operation Rakshak, and Operation Parakram in Jammu & Kashmir. The General Officer has performed the duties of Colonel General Staff (Operations) of a Corps in Western Theatre and MGGS (Info Sys) and Chief of Staff of the prestigious 15 Corps in Srinagar when Kashmir was under floods in Sep 2015. The General Officer assumed the responsibility of Commandant, Selection Centre South in Jan 2016 which is tasked to select officers for Army, Navy, and Air Force till his retirement in June 2018.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/majgenbhakuni/

About SSB Sure Shot Academy, Bangalore:

A unique academy dedicated to Personality Development and Inner Engineering being run under the leadership of Maj Gen VPS Bhakuni, who is the former Commandant of SSB Bangalore. The focus is on grooming and training our youth to help understand themselves and their potential.

Our training will initiate the process of change and growth using the most advanced scientific, psychological, management, and outdoor tools. The transformation will be from within rather than being outward and superficial, thereby preparing the youth not only to be Armed Forces Officers but also be able to undertake any challenge in any walks of life.

The Academy has taken up a social commitment and service to the youth, to transform them and their personality to make them fit for the Armed Forces as an Officer. And thus serving the Nation. Commitment to the cause is our prime motivation.

We can boast of a comprehensive SSB training facility with our campus spreading across 28 acres. Our faculty is highly trained, experienced, and have previously worked at various SSB's.

We are a dedicated team of Army Officers supported by a leading Industrialist of Bangalore. Our Chairman Mr. KMS Murthy is a well-known Industrialist, Social Reformist, and Philanthropist of Karnataka.

So, its a golden opportunity for the youth of India to get Trained and Transformed through this expert team who are thorough professionals and have years of experience behind them.

Our regular courses start from every 1st, 11th and 21st. Online classes and Online Personal Interviews are also available. Contact us now to get further details.

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