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Dragon Ball Fighterz Mod Super Saiyan Blue & Rose On Sale

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Like said below those are really just test,so i don't think i'll upload them yet,but in case showcaser want to show them,as long as proper credit are given (and i insist on it),i'll send them,but again for now its just Textures XD
Tell me what you think of those in comments ^^

As said before ,its just some test i made,i'm gonna see if i can mess with the effects so that even the aura fit the character,also i try some body swap/import but still new to this (only started modding it yesterday) i don't think i'll use them online (i don't want people to say i hack,report me,and make me unable to play online XD)

Like and subscribe for more,make request for the game AND Storm 4,i'm still modding it when i have the time

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