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For Those I Love - Birthday / The Pain

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My self-titled debut album is out on March 26th.
Pre-order (Ireland): https://forthoseilove.ffm.to/preorder
Pre-order (Worldwide): https://forthoseilove.ffm.to/album

Stream Birthday here: https://forthoseilove.ffm.to/birthday

Director - Sam Davis
Production company - Dadbod Films
Producer - Christine Lewis
EP/Post Producer - Rob Wildsmith
PM - Killian Sundermann
VFX supervisor - Kev Freeney at Algorithm
3D consultant/artist - Brent Patterson
3D artist - Greedy Goons
Colour - Tom Mangham at The Mill
Director rep - Claire Stubbs

Body dumped on me road,
When I was six,
Stabbed to death and left on the bricks,
No training that week,
My coach couldn't speak,
Blood on his hands as the man died at his feet.
And me,
I stood at the scene,
No sheets to block the bodys we dream,
They stay evergreen.
Senior infants show and tell,
What did ya do the weekend, are ya well,
Stand in front of the class as they ask,
Ya tell them you looked at the blood left,
On the road, from the man who slept in the field outside your window ,
Got thrown out of a car,
With a knife through his heart,
In the morning stars.
I went quiet and I stood,
And I started to run from love,
Cause you're told,
you need to grow cold
to grow old.
I was 7, in that same field beside me gaff,
Kicking through the leaves and the grass,
Until two garda rock up batons in hand,
And leave ya crying for your Mam,

And this is no dramatics,
This is no tales of 90s classics,
You spend your whole life being brave,
And you hope things will change,
So don't fucking ask me why I don't want to age,
It just marks the time of things staying the same.
(But the songs sound fun, and you dance with your mates,
And it's grand then,
Until the next day.)

Then you're 9, 10, and 11,
In the same place the garda got ya at 7,
Takin the sides off trains
With stones,
We did that cause we were broke
We did that cause we had no hope,
or place to go
or well
We did that cause we didn't say no
20 years ago,

And it still comes out still when we get vocal,
singing in the local
A lonely feeling
Came over me stealing,
Sober as a judge,
The other boys out the nut,
And all of us dancing like there's no one left in the world but us,
And these days it feels like there isn't,
There's no way to put that loss into words.
But we'll wrap arms around shoulders
And scream love from our lungs,
We'll escape to Friday football and hugs,
And tell tales of nights and days spent in teenage fun,
Cause the world is a cruel cruel place without the love.
So we'll spend the rest of our life being brave,
And hope that things will change,
And age will still mark the time in the same way,
But I'll hold on a little tighter,
To the love of my mates,
Forever and a day.

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