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In 1858, George and Charlotte Brown settled among the Shoalwater Indians led by Chief Toke.
The Brown’s Homesteaded 1400 acres raised crops and livestock and traded with The Native Americans. Elizabeth, George and Charlotte’s daughter, and her husband William Kindred, built The structure (Tokeland Hotel) for a home and a safe place to travelers.The building suffered damage in 1932, when a storm hit. Fortunately, the hotel recovered. Today, The Tokeland Hotel is revitalizing the Kindred’s tradition of hospitality and great service. Rooms 3 & 7 said to be the most haunted. Room 7 is the most active, but no one knows why. There’s no history to anything bad happening in there. People on the second floor hear sliding on the third floor of what sounds like coat hangers. The Third floor is never in use and used for storage. There’s said to be a ghost cat. There was a cemetery that use to be on the hotel grounds. The ghost of Charley haunts The Tokeland Hotel. There’s a ghost by the name of Charley. Charley was one of many Chinese Immigrants being smuggled into the U.S. to work on the railroads. The Fireplace had a secret space behind it and immigrants were hidden there often.“He was an indentured servant, then he escaped his indentured servitude and found himself working at the hotel, staying and working here. And when the folks who were owed his service went looking for him, [people at the hotel] hid Charlie,” in a small room behind the fireplace, but when Charley was hiding there, “a fire was lit and he died behind the fireplace of the hotel of carbon monoxide poisoning [while] hiding from the people looking for him.

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