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indian spy network arrested in pakistan- Tariq Ismail Saga 21 Aug. [2020]

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انڈین جاسوسی نیٹ ورک کی گرفتاری سے بھارت
۔ میں ہلچل مچا دی ہے۔اسرائیل کو تسلیم نہ کرنے کی قیمت پاکستان سے وصول کی جا رہی ہے
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About Me

The name which needs no introduction. One of the most famous contemporary Urdu fiction writer, Tariq Ismail Sagar. The man who takes his responsibility as novelist, journalist, dramatist and current affairs specialist with iron hands. The icon of both electronic and paper media. The man with an asset of seventy plus books, twenty-three drama serials and thousands of articles. He is the one who has given Pakistan film industry the breakthrough script of the movie “Salakhein”. The man who has the firm command over the workings and the networks of worldwide intelligence services. The man who is ranked among the bestselling novelist of South Asia. His books are sold like hot cakes. People all around the globe wait for his writings. As a matter of fact, many of his books are translated into English for non-Urdu speakers. Hundreds of thesis has been written on his writings and services.

Tariq Ismail Sagar is a master at work. His tales of espionage are second to none. He is Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum & Alistair Maclean all three in one. Numerous writers inspired by Sagar’s work have tried to write about these intelligence agencies (often copying hiss work word for word), however, his books are the only books that have successfully withstood both public and government scrutiny. His writings produce a burning desire in the youth about love for the motherland and to do something for the nation. He has an excellent command on Hindi, Gurmukhi, Urdu and English language. He is an authority on South Asian affairs, have well command on Sikhism and Hinduism. He has delivered lectures on relevant topics in USA, UK, and middle east.


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