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KESAR SAGA | Episode 15

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The marriage ceremony of Kesar and Cho-cho Dugu was received with great pomp & show! Now, Kesar being the great leader of the Ling khar ser rGu, he has bigger responsibilities to tackle and fulfill. He seeks the council of the eighteen warriors of Ling and embarks on a journey to the magical land of 'rdzong dga'to acquire wealth and riches for his Kingdom. Mystifying clouds looms over this invisible land while the natives are equally cold and skeptical of the outsiders! Will they welcome Kesar or yet again he has to devise a plan to win over them? After months and years of efforts to gain their trust and confidence, when the time arrives to return back home, how will Shelcham Dugmo retaliate when she finds out Kesar has brought along a lady from this strange land? Does it means that someone has just entered to shatter Cho-cho's marital bliss and dreams?

An Initiative of Live To Love India & Young Drukpa Association, Ladakh

KESAR SAGA- Narrated by Padma Shri Morup Namgyal

This series of episodes on the enchanting story of rGyalam Kesar of Ling narrated by the renowned and most esteemed figure of Ladakh, Padma Shri Morup Namgyal is an initiative of the aforementioned organisations in its endeavour to digitally document oral traditions and folklores as a part of the heritage preservation project which are on the verge of extinction today.
Documentation of such oral narratives has become exceedingly important than ever. Western influence and changing lifestyles calls for our immediate attention as the traditional medium of oral transmission of these stories across generations have ceased in present times.

Director and Editor: Sonam Gurmet Kasa
Sound Design: Nawang Phuntsog
Camera: Nawang Phuntsog, No Kunzang, Pa Thinles Wanla
Subtitles: Rigzin Angmo Maney, Yountan Angmo Tsangspa, Sherilyn Nilza Deldan, Rinchen Angmo Ourura
Visual Effects: KKT Tundup Skit
Special Thanks: Tsering Chorol, Dorje Namgyal Phyang, Stanzin Dolker,

Kesar Saga:
The saga of Ling rGyalam Kesar has been orally transmitted across generations since time immemorial. The ancient Himalayan kingdoms had their own versions of the captivating adventures of the Kesar and his entourage. In this series of Kesar Saga, we bring you the version as heard and learned throughout his life by the most renowned, experienced and exceptional figure of the Ladakhi culture and identity, Padma Shri Morup Namgyal. The facts, figures and information shared in these series are solely derived from his recollection and exemplary memory narrated via his sublime art of storytelling.

About the Narrator:
Morup Namgyal is a prominent figure from Ladakh, India in the field of Music and Dramatics. A recipient of 'Padma Shri', one of India's highest civilian honour, he has been actively engaged in promoting and reviving the unique and rich culture and traditions of Ladakh since the 1960's. In this series of Kesar Saga, he brings out his outstanding skills as a narrator and storyteller.

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LiveToLoveIndia

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