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Live Stream: Touring Your Parks! Halloween Special!

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Halloween Parks and Spooky Rides Only!

How to Join me!
1. The link to my private server will be posted in the live stream chat. I will only be posting it for the first 30 minutes of the stream!!!
2. press on the link ( make sure in your privacy settings that EVERYONE can invite you to their private servers)
3. Wait in the Queue! Don't leave or you will lose your spot!
4. Once you join and I tour your park please leave for the next person!
(also for mobile users I will just have to add your name to my server acceptance list. please be patient and I will get to it.)
5. I will only be streaming for 2 hours! if you do not make it in before the deadline you will have to try again next time!

You can always join my discord to have access to my server at all times!
Here is a link to my discord: https://discord.gg/6ecgUxy

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