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Dawnea Adams, The Witch of Malibu, has casted magick in private practice for most of her career. Gifted in all ways paranormal, Dawnea’s father was an evangelist, and her mother was a hereditary witch. Recently ‘out of the broom closet,’ she has always dedicated herself to working with many people from all walks of life; including a number of A-list clients in Hollywood. Dawnea extends her love and magick to each soul she gets to work with, and has even worked as a professional consultant for the movie “Practical Magic,” starring her client Sandra Bullock.
In addition to privately consulting, Dawnea is a published author with her book, “Soul Surfing,” for sale on Amazon, and the audio is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and audible.
Dawnea’s work also extends to live events called, “Ride The Dragon.” Combining her childhood experiences in church, she incorporates gospel music and casting magick in the style of revival meetings to ferry each audience member along in an emotional journey in which they will learn to access power in their own lives.
The “Ride The Dragon” Grimoire teaches the reader the “nuts and bolts” of magick, as well as reveals magickal journeys that they can refer to time and time again.
Although Dawnea spends the majority of her time living and working in Malibu, California, she fondly visits her ancestors’ homeland of Ireland to draw inspiration and magick.

Welcome to Ride The Dragon!

Magick Saves!!!

Grimoire: https://www.amazon.com/Ride-Dragon-Magickal-Dawnea-Adams/dp/1697603629

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