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Mike Love - Leaving You

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I count being born and raised in Hawai’i as one of my greatest blessings. I grew up playing in the ocean and exploring the mountains endlessly. Now after 40 years it’s time to turn the page on a new chapter. In 3 days I leave my home to begin a new life in eastern Washington. It wasn’t easy to make this decision but I feel it’s what’s best for my family. Part of me is excited and part of me is torn. I deal with my anxiety through music and writing this song was very therapeutic for me. I gathered a few of my closest friends and set out at just after 3am to hike to the top of the mountain overlooking Kane’ohe bay with a vantage point of the home I raised my own children in. With great sorrow and also great joy, much anxiety and much excitement I give you my song. I’ve had a hard time talking about this because a part of me feels so guilty for leaving, but I know that you will support me on my journey wherever I go. Mahalo nui loa. Big thanks to my friends Andrew, Noah and Jason for helping me to capture this energy and for allowing me to be so vulnerable.

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