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No More Delays! Supernatural Acceleration is here NOW! #restoration #freedom #truth #success

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????????????Click HERE: https://campsite.bio./shannonevette No More Delays! Supernatural Acceleration is here NOW! #restoration #freedom #truth #success

The SUPER - Revelations 10: 1-7
3 reasons for delays: Grace, spiritual resistance. Indecision and self-doubt.
The Natural - (traumatic response, resistance, indecision) - not feeling safe and believing you’ll suffer if you make the wrong choice) entitled, traumatized, and delusional.
Courage - ( Joshua, be strong and courageous. Joshua 1:9)
The outer state of our lives reflects the inner state of our minds. He will never be the right man until you’re the right woman. She will never be the right woman until you’re the right man.
The job you shall decide/decree a thing. - Start declaring by faith that you are “ready!” and then ask God how to activate that in the natural. Job 22:28 - Decree and decide. Vs. Double-mindedness which equals delay.

????????????Click HERE: https://campsite.bio./shannonevette

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