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Parker McCollum - Love You Like That (Audio)

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The Official Audio Video for Parker McCollum’s “Love You Like That”

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Well I wish that I could tell you why
That when we are alone I feel like I can fly
And I’ve never cared for anything but making you feel like you’re in a dream
And I worry still though I never tell
Keep a straight face, try to fix myself
And I know it hurts to never heal
From never feeling how you made your lover feel
Baby but I don't know
No I don't know
If I can love you like that

And I've never been the patient kind
I've never really had no peace of mind
I've been runnin’ hard and living fast
I’ll never understand you putting up with that
Cuz I'm the same man that I've always been
And I hope that that’s the man your lovin’ in the end
And if it's really true like I think it is
I'll be tryin’ like hell granting every wish
Baby but I don't know
No I don't know
If I can love you like that
Yeah I wish that I could love you like the midnight loves the sky
And I wish that I could always keep you high enough to fly
Never let you go
Baby but I don't know
If I can love you like that

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