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Ramsey Jay, Jr. “Amplifying This Supernatural Moment of Unity” @ The Rock Christian Fellowship, LBC

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Under the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread conscience awakening, and public outcry after the tragic death of George Floyd, Ramsey Jay, Jr. (http://ramseyjayjr.com) shares a message titled “Amplifying This Supernatural Moment of Unity” at The Rock Christian Fellowship (Long Beach) on June 7, 2020. Ramsey's full statement regarding the message's words of inspiration, combined with practical opportunities for all to advance the ideals of unity and equality, while embracing the necessary complex of race and justice, can be read here (https://bit.ly/RJJR_SupNatUnity). Additionally, the message outline is below.

“Amplifying This Supernatural Moment of Unity”
1. The Original Human Creations Were Race & Ethnic Agnostic
1a- Allocate equitable time in a place with people you would not ordinarily
2. We Were Designed To Be Interdependent Not Dependent
2a- If you are a Philip invest in a eunuch, if you are a eunuch reach out to a Philip
3. The Actions of a Few Should Not Color Your Judgment of the Masses
3a- Confide when you have been misjudged, admit that you have misjudged, commit to making more sound judgment

Ramsey Jay, Jr. is a Wall Street trained global investment management executive, and Founding Principal of Ramsey Jay, Jr. And Associates, a strategic consultancy specializing in institutional sales solutions, corporate communications, diversity & inclusion programming, enterprise leadership development, and executive talent management. Internationally, he served as an economic advisor in Ghana opining on the country’s budget, and partnered with the Association of African Universities to create tutorials for accountants. Additionally, Ramsey is a self-improvement author of the best-selling book “Empowering Dreamers To Become Achievers” (https://bit.ly/RJJR_D2A_Book), international subject matter keynote lecturer, and empowerment motivational speaker. Notably, he made opening remarks at the White House where Former President Barack Obama hosted an event honoring the philanthropic legacy of Ray Charles.

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