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Steven Bancarz | New Age, Occult Objects, & the Dark Supernatural | Calvary Conversations - Part 1

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Thank you for watching Calvary Conversations with Moriah and Pastor Craig Roters!
This is part 1 of a 2-part conversation with Steven Bancarz. (Episode 15)

In this conversation, Steven shares his testimony from New Age to Christianity. We also discuss occult objects and the different ways we sadly give demons legal ground.

Steven Bancarz is the former founder of spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com, which was one of the largest New Age websites in the world averaging 200,000 views per day. He was also a guest author on thespiritscience.net, the most-visited New Age site in the world.
He had an encounter with Jesus Christ in 2015, causing him to quit his job as a New Age writer to serve the Lord. Steven has since been in full-time apologetics ministry exposing the deception of the New Age movement. He runs a YouTube channel, the website reasonsforjesus.com, and is the author of The Second Coming of the New Age.”

Steven Bancarz’s Website:

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As we reason together, keep in mind that those being interviewed may not always reflect the same doctrinal beliefs or views as Calvary Conversations and Calvary Oro Valley Church. Thank you for your understanding. God bless!

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