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Supernatural Breathing. Dr Joe Dispenza technique. Mind-blowing.

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What does Dr. Joe Dispenza say about this.
Have you heard of supernatural breathing.
#supernaturalbreathing #drjoedispenza #meditation
Its a concept described by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Let me tell you, it is fascinating.
A breathing method that lets you open your third eye and have unimaginable cerebral experiences...If you are not interested in learning how to do this...turn off this video. But if you are, stay tuned.

Hello Everyone. I am Lori your Positivity Princess. I am here spreading happiness and positivity.
I have a really cool breathing method for you. It’s called supernatural breathing.

This method will relax you, centre you and ground you. You will come out feeling renewed and calm.
I am using the writings of dr. Joe Dispenze as the wording that I am using.

The process involves Contracting intrinsic muscles that we use for elimination.
When we inhale and squeeze those muscles something special happens.
When you inhale, the sutures of your skull open up and your sacrum flexes back, the cerebral spinal fluid drains.
When you exhale, the scarum flexes forward and the sutures close and it pushes the fluid up.
Inhaling and exhaling propagates a wave
Cerebral spinal fluid is made of proteins and salts and this solution carries a charge.
Either negative or positive
When you inhale and pull the fluid up to your brain.
According to physics, when you accelerate a charged molecule, you create an invisible field called an inductance field. When you do this breath and accelerate these molecules you create a field moving in a certain direction and all of a sudden all the energy from lower centres moves up to the brain. When you do this properly , and start moving fluid, at some point the sympathetic nervous system will merge with the parasympathetic nervous system. At this point, all of the energy that is used to make a baby, digest food, in a stress response, instead of releasing it, it is being drawn to the brain. All of it goes to the limbic brain, to the pineal gland. The pineal gland makes serotonin and melatonin. When the energy strikes all of a sudden the brain produces very powerful metabolites
All of a sudden the brain becomes super lucid with high gamma brain waves.
Now the person is super conscious. Everything happening between the ears becomes more real. They are having an organism in the brain. They are going into a state of ecstasy. They start to transmute, anger and fear and guilt. The liberating of energy all of a sudden, from this centre to the top of the brain. It begins to create a positive polarity. The positive charge at the top of the head. And a negative charge in the tail . the body becomes like a magnet.
If you can fully surrender to this…you can feel an incredible amount of love and spontaneous healing can occur. You can have extacy. You can use these muscles and the energy that you would normally waste and expend and you can have a supernatural experience. The goal here is to reach heart coherence. If you are able to do this..over time your vibration will increase, your mind will clear and your life will transform.
If you enjoyed this video let me know. I will do a demonstration video of this technique. Let me know if this is of interest to you. Your feedback matters more to me than you know.
Thank you for watching. Comment below, i will try supernatural breathing. Comment below. I will try supernatural breathing.
I love you all. Have a magical day and eh be positive.

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