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Supernatural Eyesight: Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Holy Spirit!

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Don't miss Dr. Morris Cerullo continue the world renowned Miracle Power Living School of Ministry with a powerful prophetic message, "Supernatural Eyesight: Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Holy Spirit!"

We can not partake of that which we can't see! Get ready to see God in a greater way than ever before as you connect with the Morris Cerullo Miracle Power Living School of Ministry all week on Facebook Live from Legacy!

Take Advantage Of These Special Morris Cerullo MIRACLE POWER LIVING SCHOOL OF MINISTRY Spiritual Breakthrough Resources At A Special Limited Time Facebook School of Ministry Price By Calling 1-800-514-1864 Or Clicking The Link Below!


The reality of life is that the spiritual world is alive, vibrant and ever active around us as we go about our day-to-day lives.

We just don't see it because, like the prophet Elisha's servant, our eyes have not been opened.

When his eyes were opened, the servant saw what the prophet saw all along - the host of God were around them, active and prepared to defend them.

Supernatural eyesight is looking into the spirit, as the prophet Elisha did, and seeing the spiritual reality that is hidden from natural eyes.

As you read Supernatural Eyesight, Morris Cerullo, as a prophet of God, unveils many revelation truths that will open your spiritual eyes as never before!

To order your copy while supplies last, click: https://give.mcwe.com/p-29-supernatural-eyesight.aspx?Source=FACEBOOK

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