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Supernatural Supper In A Haunted Mansion | WORLD’S WEIRDEST RESTAURANTS

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World’s Weirdest Restaurants takes you to Taiwan to “Carton King” where everything is made
from recycled cardboard—the tables, chairs, soup bowls — everything. Then we’re off to
Amsterdam to “Kinderkookkafe”, a café where the chefs and servers are children who learn the art of cooking in a kid-friendly kitchen. We’re in Taipei for tantalizing Taiwanese food in a
sculptural 5-story restaurant that feels like you’ve journeyed into the mind of the artist who
created it. We end up in Manchester, England for a dinner in the haunted mansion known as the “Hellfire Club” for some scary dishes like “Satan’s Crown Jewels,” “The All Seeing Eye,” and “Stake Through the Heart”.

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