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The Long Dark: Mod Soup (#12)

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Tonight we'll continue to test the mod loadout for my ultimate "ModLoper" enhancement of Interloper. The core mods from a gameplay perspective are Relentless Night (day lengthening disabled, but cold interiors, realistic freezing, wildlife die-off on), and RandomizeInterloperRareSpawns (random location for major tools), and ExtremeTempDrop (very harsh endgame weather), and AnimalBehavior (makes wolves unpredictable and dangerous again), and CanneryManufacturing (to force rifle repair at Cannery), and Fire Pack (for no torch pull from fire!). Custom game settings start with Interloper, turn condition recovery to low, max out wolf detection range, stink range, and add rifle. The full list of mods is below, and see Episode 4 for the custom game settings (including Relentless Night settings).

This episode we're just eating the soup and hanging out. I added MovableContainers just for fun; more of a garnish than a true ingredient.

Here is the full modlist for today's stream:

Animal Behavior 1.0.0 by AlexTheRegent, ds5678 and Remodor
AssetLoader 4.4.0 by WulMariusm, ds5678
Beachcombing Adjustments 1.1 by ds5678
BetterStacking 4.1.0 by WulfMarius and ds5678
BleakBridge 1.2.0 by ds5678
CacheControl 1.4 by zeobviouslyfakeacc
CanneryManufacturing 1.3.0 by ds5678
Developer-Console 1.2.1 by FINDarkside and zeobviouslyfakeacc
EnableFeatProgressInCustomMode 1.2 by zeobviouslyfakeacc
EnableStatusBarPercentages 1.5 by zeobviouslyfakeacc
ExtremeTempDrop 1.0.0 by ds5678 (unreleased beta)
Fire-Pack 2.2.1 by Wulfmarius and ds5678
ForgeBlueprintsMod 1.3.1 by ds5678
FreeLookInCars 4.0.0 by Wulfmarius and zeobviouslyfakeacc
ModComponent 4.4 by WulfMarius and ds5678
ModSettings 1.8 by zeobviouslyfakeacc
MovableContainers 1.0.0 by zorgesho
QuickerWoodCutting 2.0 by MikeyPdog and ttr
Random Main Menu 2.0 by Xpazeman
RandomizeInterloperRareSpawns 1.0.1 by ds5678
Relentless Night 4.3.1 by Shieldheart (beta)
RememberBreakDownItem 1.3.1 by zeobviouslyfakeacc
TimberwolvesAnywhere 1.1.0 by ds5678
WarmFood 2.3.1 by Deus13, ttr

All mods were found/dled through Xpazeman's site:

My custom code for this episode is: 88nM-bj8P-Ly9r-jaFe-+MIB

#thelongdark #letsplaythelongdark #mods

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