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The Lumineers - Stubborn Love (#ColoradoGivesBack)

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Donate at http://www.musicares.org/Lumineers or text LUMINEERS to 41444
Buy the Official T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/ColoradoGivesBackTee

Colorado-based music industry professionals can apply for relief funding raised by heading here: https://colorado-covid-19-relief.recordingacademy.com/

The Lumineers teamed up with fellow Colorado musicians, professional athletes, chefs, and government officials for #ColoradoGivesBack, a live-stream event to benefit individuals in the Colorado and national live music community as well as those in the Colorado restaurant/service industry who have lost work due to COVID-19. Donations will be directed to The Recording Academy’s MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund and The Colorado Restaurant Association.

Through the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project, Spotify will match your donation to MusiCares, dollar for dollar, up to a collective total of $10 million.

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