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VIRGO LOVE ❤ Take a risk on this person! ❤ 1 - 8 NOVEMBER Tarot + Pick a card

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Personal Readings are here!

To book please please follow instructions carefully
1. Decide which reading you would like (below)
2. Once you have decided which reading you would like then email me with the option you have chosen at truelovetarot@hotmail.com and I will take you through next steps. Please read information carefully below.


OPTION 1 - 1 x Love Question – mini spread USD30 (appx 10 mins)

OPTION 2 - 1 x Love Questions – situation, your feelings, their feelings (if applicable), possible outcome, advice, may also draw on oracle cards as needed USD35 (appx 20 mins)

OPTION 3 - 2 x Love Questions - situation, your feelings their feelings, possible outcome, advice, may also draw on oracle cards as needed USD45 (appx 30 mins)

OPTION 4 - 3 x Love Questions - situation, your feelings their feelings, possible outcome, advice, may also draw on oracle cards as needed USD60 (appx 30-40 mins)

Turn around max 3-5 days after payment received, although you MAY get it sooner depending on my scheduling and availability.

Emergency/express readings can be requested and will be provided 24-48hrs after payment received. This option will have an additional fee of USD65.65 to option selected above.

Your reading will be recorded and uploaded to youtube into an unlisted link and the link will be emailed to you. Only you or anyone you share the link with will be able to view the video. The video will remain available for as long as the channel exists.


Refund policy: No refunds, other than below.

I reserve the right to choose not to do a reading if I feel like I can’t connect with your energy, if this occurs you will be notified and a full refund will be issued.

❤ Like/share/subscribe ❤ These are general love readings for Sun, moon, rising and Venus signs If you don't have a love situation this may not resonate with you. Also, these are general readings so if this message doesn't resonate it may not be for you this time, check your S/M/R/V signs which might be influencing you more at the moment. Energies can sometimes be reversed - so take what resonates but don't force it to fit. Be sure to subscribe so that if there is a message for you, you don't miss it! Tarot isn't an exact science, it relies on intuition and energy which, because we are all very unique beings, can change from time to time, so please use your own discretion and judgement for what's appropriate in your situation and know that this should never replace the advice of your health or legal practitioner. ❤???? Thank you so much for visiting ????

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