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What If GOKU turned SUPER SAIYAN in the SAIYAN SAGA? Part 3 SSJ 2 Goku vs Cell | Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball What If GOKU turned SUPER SAIYAN in the SAIYAN SAGA? Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Cell!

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In this Dragon Ball What If, Goku has become a Super Saiyan earlier than the original story. By being only a moment slower in the Saiyan Saga - Gohan was killed which caused Goku to become a Super Saiyan. After teaming up with Vegeta to defeat Freeza the two Saiyans are returning home only to have another threat awaiting them. A vengeful Dr. Gero was tinkering in the mountains - trying to make the perfect artificial life form, but this time he’s aware of the existence of the Super Saiyan and he even has its DNA to analyze and use. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are training with each other on the way back to Earth and even more interestingly - a newly revived child is anxiously awaiting the return of his father - death having made him want to seek strength more than ever before.
After watching the video feel free to leave any and all counter points in the comments below - I love a good discussion.
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