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WHY DID YOU MEET THIS PERSON?????????????| Pick A Card???? In-Depth Love Tarot Reading with Charms✨

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Hi friends! Wanna hear a joke? Eso uploading a reading that’s less than an hour lmaoooo. If you can hang in there for one pile I’ll be impressed. But seriously, I’m sorry if lengthy readings aren’t your thing. Spirit just has a lot to say and I’d rather make sure I get all my messages out there than leave something out. Also, I think I just missed you guys lol. But if lengthy readings ARE your thing, then hello welcome!! I think you’ll be real happy in my corner of the internet. Also... PERSONAL READINGS ARE BACK!! Eep!! I’m so excited!! All of my readings will be available on my website: esotarot.co ????Remember that I believe in you and the Universe does too! Thank y’all so much for 20k!

Pile 1: 1:39
Pile 2: 31:58
Pile 3: 1:13:04
Pile 4: 2:04:37

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Disclaimer: you are absolutely not required to donate anything ever!! However, if the reading touched you and you want to leave a tip I’m keeping that option open :) I am grateful for anything but please never feel like you have to!!

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Madison, 22

Tropical: Aries ☀️ Virgo ???? Libra ⬆️

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Disclaimer: This is a general reading meant for fun and entertainment purposes. Use your own judgment when making decisions ???? enjoy!
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